2023 Product Updates - Edition 7

Our new integration with Relay Payments will speed up payments for lumpers securely and reliably. Relay is accepted at over 90% of warehouses nationwide, allowing drivers to maximize their service hours by avoiding delays at the loading dock.

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Task List

Manage your emails, shipments, and activity assignments in one place and complete daily tasks efficiently.

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Carrier Labels

Create carrier labels to match specific loads with specialized carriers.

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Workflow Automation

New Triggers

  • Assignment Added
  • Attachment Added
  • Spot Quote Added

New Filters

  • Attachment Type
  • Original Status Filter
  • The list of Alerts filter now includes Automated Alerts.

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Hide Carrier Information in the Customer Portal

If you want to hide all carrier fields within the customer portal, please contact our support team at support@tai-software.com. They will be happy to assist you.

Shipment Consolidation: Child shipments included in the cost calculations of the parent shipment are conveniently linked for easy access to the individual shipments.

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Shipment Search/Company Loadboard Bulk Shipment Assignments: Easily assign multiple shipments to yourself or any available LSP Staff.

Shipment Search - Bulk Operations Tools

Company Loadboard - Bulk Operation Tools

Activity Log/ Log Filtering: We added a filter that will display only notes that have been manually added by a user, excluding any notes that the system has automatically generated.

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  • Document Sync: The job now retrieves shipment documents from Epay every hour for shipments with a Classified or Approved status.
  • Payment Draft: We have implemented a new source setting called "AccountName" to ensure proper registration of payments from Epay with a bank, which is helpful for syncing AP with QuickBooks.

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  • Exclude select sub-organizations from sending shipments to Newtrul's load board. Contact your Newtrul Representative today to learn how.

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