Activity Log

This article will cover the activity log, how to log activities, and where to find it in the TMS.

What is the Activity Log?

The activity log is what allows you to view and log various updates, changes, or information related to the shipment.

Activity log notification

The Activity Log will appear 'Orange' in the shipment summary when there are new updates within the last 24-hour period, with a number telling you how many updates were made.

The system automatically records most Activity Log entries as users move through the system.

Privacy Settings

You can change the privacy settings of activity log entries to either PublicPrivate, or Admin

Public will display your customers' activity logs in the front office.

Private will display the activity logs only to your Backoffice members.

Admin will only display the entries to users with Admin Permissions on their LSP Staff Profile.

Activities and Assignments

After you click on the activity log, you will find two options, Assignment and Activity. If you select Assignment, the system will prompt you to add a note, and at the bottom, you will have the option to assign the Activity to yourself, or you can search for a specific LSP staff to take care of the Activity.

The Activity option was intended so that you can log any relevant information about the shipment. 

To learn more about Assignments and Collaboration Dashboard, please click HERE.

Log Filtering

The default view is "All Activity". Pressing on the buttons to the left will filter out all other Activity Log types. Activity Log Types are: 

  • All: Shows all activity
  • General: General, Claims
  • Pricing: Audit, Receivable, Payable, Pricing
  • Operations: Operations, Status Change
  • Email: Email
  • User Activity: This filter will display only notes that have been manually added by a user. It will exclude any notes that have been automatically generated by the system.

On certain pages, we will default the filter to Pricing Activity. 

  • Create Invoices and Variance List
  • Invoice Search
  • Approve Bills and Billing Variance
  • Bill Search
  • Pay Bills
  • Approve Commissions

Where else can you find the Activity Log

  • Truckload and Shipment Search
  • Accounting Shipment Search