2022 Product Updates - Edition 5


Check out some of our latest product feature updates that help TMS Freight Brokers improve efficiency. 


Epay Manager 

A cloud-based billing software designed to facilitate the exchange of bills with carriers, resolve disputes, collect documents, and make carrier payments.

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Customer Credit Limit

The customer credit limit is now managed by aggregating active shipments and open invoices to the Credit Limit amount visible in the Customer Profile.

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Consignee Upcoming Delivery Notices

By activating these settings, the system will send an email notification to your consignee to let them know of an upcoming delivery.

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Truckload Appointment Management

This new functionality will automatically add and resolve Pickup / Delivery Appointment alerts when certain conditions apply.

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Front Office Non-Authenticated Tracking Enhancements

  • Carrier Info
    With this new option, you can create a content template to display carrier information.
  • Alerts
    The system will display active shipment alerts and remove them if they are resolved.
  • Shipment Information
    We will show the Shipper ReferenceCustomer PO#, and Shipment Dates.

 Shipment Search Bulk Features

  • Search with Shipment IDs and PRO Numbers
    You can now run a search with multiple shipment IDs or PRO numbers by comma separating them.
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  • Add/Remove Alerts
    With this new option, you can resolve existing or add new alerts to a list of shipments.
    Shipment Manifest document
    This feature allows brokers to generate a shipment manifest document for a list of selected shipments.
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General Tai TMS Feature Enhancements

  • Carrier Check Call - If Reefer Ask For Current Temperature.
    Now, if you select any Reefer Trailer Type and email a Check Call, the system will make Temperature a required field.
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  • Carrier Payment Terms - Default to 30 Days
    When you add a new LSP Carrier to the TMS, the payment terms will default to 30 days.
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