Customer Credit Limits

This article will describe how credit limit is managed.

How Credit Limit is Calculated

The customer credit limit is managed by aggregating active shipments and open invoices to the Credit Limit amount visible in the Customer Profile. 

Active Shipment + Open Invoices count against the Credit Limit. When the shipment invoice gets created, the invoice status at the charge line level moves to "Created" and should fall off of the Credit Limit. At this point, the invoice amount is taken into account which keeps the Credit Limit current. 

Customer Credit Limit Exceeded

This article will walk through how to add and manage Credit Holds for Customer Companies

1) LSP --> Customers --> Show Advanced --> Select Over Credit Limit in the drop-down.

This will show all customers who are over the credit limit, and appropriate action can be taken.

  • Red Dollar Sign (Over the credit limit)
  • Yellow Dollar Sign (No credit limit set)
  • No Dollar Sign (There is a credit limit set, but the customer is not over the limit)

2) Customers can be placed on a Credit Hold, which will turn off auto-rating for them and provide a warning.

3) Customers can receive a Collections Email for all Past Due Shipments by setting the Collections Notice Delivery Frequency.

You can also adjust the Credit Status and place them on a Continual Credit Card, which will force them to pay for shipments via credit card prior to booking.