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Introduction to LSP

This article will introduce you to the LSP section of the TMS:

This video covers:

  • LSP = Logistics Server Provider, i.e. your company's organizational settings area
  • Organization: where you will set up new LSP Organizations or review already created ones
  • Staff: where you will set up new LSP Staff or review already created staff
  • Content Templates: allows users to control different document templates in the system (BOL, Carrier Confirmations, etc...)
  • LSP Carriers: allows users to add carriers from our Master List to your system so that they can be used on shipments


LSP stands for Logistics Service Provider. You can think of it as your company's organizational setting. 

The sections within the LSP menu are the following:

  • My Organization
  • Organizations
  • Factoring Companies
  • Staff
  • Content Templates
  • LSP Carriers
  • Account Management Links
  • Integration Sources 
  • Implementation Guide
  • System Alerts
  • Public Authentication Keys

My Organization

On my organization's page, you will find your organization's ID, accounting information, recent activity, margins, commission, your organization's users, broker tools, and more. 


Here you can create sub-organizations that will be listed under your main org. See example: 

Staff Creation

To create a new staff member, click LSP on the Top Menu, then staff, then the green Add New LSP Staff Member button. There will be sections to fill in to complete the Staff Profile. For the Login, it is recommended to make it the staff Email.

LSP Staff Permissions

To manage the permissions for the LSP Staff Member, click LSP on the Top Menu, then Staff. Once you enter a Staff Member's Profile, select the Edit Record Button and scroll to the Permissions Check List.

  • Accounting AP Approve Bills
  • Accounting AP Invoicing 
  • Accounting AP Payments
  • Accounting AP Revisions
  • Accounting AR Collections
  • Accounting AR Invoicing
  • Accounting AR Payments
  • Accounting AR Revisions
  • Accounting Sync
  • Batch Processing: Gives access to import shipments and perform Bulk rating
  • Commissions Admin
  • Commissions Approve
  • Customer Add/Edit
  • LSP Add/Edit: Gives access to add and edit LSP organizations
  • LSP Carrier Add/Edit
  • Margin Add/Edit
  • Master Carrier Add/Edit: Gives access to add new carriers to the database
  • Reports - Basic: Gives access to ship report
  • Reports - Business Level: Gives access to more advanced reporting such as commission linking and profitability report
  • Reports - Sales: Gives sales access on the top menu
  • Shipment Change Customer
  • Shipment Domestic Add/Edit
  • Shipment International Add/ Edit
  • Tariff Add/Edit
  • TMS Site Admin: Gives access to modify content templates, grant user access, and delete documents attached in shipments
  • User Allowed Org Access: If not checked, staff will only have access to customers they are assigned to 

LSP Tariff Settings

To access the Staff Tariff Settings, go onto a Staff Profile and click the Edit Record button.

Three Types of Tariff Settings:

  • Show Tariff Name: Useful if you are using multiple rating sources
  • Show Tariff Multiple Carrier Rate: You can see multiple rates for the same carrier
  • Show Full Truckload Quote Request: Can ignore, obsolete setting

LSP Staff Disable

To disable a Staff Member, go onto their Staff Profile, click Edit Record and change their status from Active to Inactive. There is no way to delete staff members from the TMS, but once they are labeled as inactive, they can no longer access the TMS

Customer Importer

To access Customer Importer, click on LSP and then Organizations. Once you locate your primary organization, click on the corresponding ID Number and then it will lead you to the Organization Profile. Click Broker Tools on the right-hand side and select Implementation Guide. Then, on the left side, you will see an Imported Data section. There will be an Icon in the fourth column indicating Upload Customers and Staff. Click on the Icon, and the Customer Importer Modal will show. Read the directions shown before proceeding. After Downloading the Template, please note that if you are replacing an Existing Customer or Staff, make sure that the name in the Excel matches exactly to the name within the TMS. If you have multiple staff members for a customer, make sure to list them separately on each line. Going back to the Customer Importer Modal, click Next to Upload the Template, and the Importer will start Uploading the Updated File and will send an Email of the results to the listed Email.

Account Management Links

You can grant your LSP staff access to sub-organizations or the parent account with this option. You can find it under LSP and clinking on Account Management Links. Once you're in, you'll see the available links, if any, and you'll find the option to add a new link. After you click on add new Link, you'll have the option to search for the organization and the staff you need to grant access to. The last step is to click on the checkmark, which will allow them to switch between organizations.

Public Authentication Keys

The public authentication key is a way to identify yourself to a login server instead of typing a password. You can generate it by following these steps: 

1. Go to LSP > Public authentication keys. 

2. Click on 'Add Public Authentication Key' > Select an organization or customer > Select a customer staff or broker staff and hit save.