TMS Onboarding Guide

Here we'll teach you how to use the Onboarding Guide: 

Site Organization Information: In this section, you will see your organization's name, creation date, site code, default email sender, accounting email sender, guest account (the guest account is created as a staff user, and then you can add it here). 

Imported Data: In this section, you will be able to add new customers, customer staff users, import shipments, addresses, carriers, and products; you will also have the option to import this information in bulk using excel files. 

Onboarding Activity: This is the place where you will see all the updates or progress the Onboarding team has done. 

Load Board Integrations: Here, you can see, add and edit all the load board integrations you have, as well you can see the load board integrations that we offer. 

My Tariffs: You can see, edit and add tariffs for your organization. 

Driver Track and Credit Card Processing Integrations: In this section, you can see which driver track integrations you have and credit card processing integrations. (You can also see available integrations we offer by clicking on the eye symbol).