Customer Company Profile

This article will show you how to utilize the Customer Company Profile:

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • This Company Profile is a resource center for the broker to view all their customer's details in the system; you can see and view the following details, among others:
    • Customer Tools: Gives brokers access to a company's address book and activity log, alongside additional useful tools. 
      • Product Catalog: The product Catalog includes commonly used commodities for easy access and shipment creation.
      • Address Books: Includes both Origin and Destination locations that are commonly used on shipments.
      • Link Tariffs: You can allow or exclude tariffs for your customers. 
      • Carrier Rating Permissions: This tool will allow you to include or exclude carriers from your customer's view. For instance, if you had a bad experience, you type in the carrier name or SCAC and set permission: Exclude. 

        *Note: If you use the Include option, only this included carrier will show up for your customer. 
      • Reference Numbers: Custom Reference Numbers enable the ability to display specific Instructions in both the Front & Back Office when entering Order Information for a shipment.
      • Shipment Templates: If you created a shipment that you know you'll have to create again in the future, you can use shipment templates as follows: 

        1. Pull up the shipment you want to save > go to Shipment tools > Save as template: 

        2. Once it is saved, you will be able to edit the name of the template or delete it Under Customer tools: 

        3. To use it, you can go to: 

         Shipments > Create a shipment > Create from Template: 

    • Customer's Recent Activity
    • Staff List
    • Margins
    • Commissions
    • Accounting information
    • and more!
  • Customer Notes only appear to Back Office users (LSP Staff) and will not be visible to customers
  • Customer Staff List will show you the staff members for that Customer Company
    • You can navigate to the Customer Staff Profile directly from this Staff List to make changes to specific staff as well as using the Staff option from the Customer drop down

  • Inactivate a customer currently there's not  an option to delete customers, but you can easily inactivate them as follows: 

    1. Pull up the customer > Click on 'Edit record'. 
    2. Scroll down to 'Customer Portal Settings' and change the status from 'Active' to Inactive'.