Address Book

This article will show you how to use the Address Book from the Customer Portal and the back office.


Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • This is accessible from the Reports & Tools section of the Customer Portal Dashboard
    • Address Book includes both Origin and Destination locations that are commonly used on shipments; it is intended to provide streamlined order entry, as it provides a drop down menu as you type a company in the Origin or Destination field that will show the matches of what you are typing from your address book
  • Click Add New Address to add a new address, and fill out the required fields
  • Location Type options:
      • Set Pickup / Destination:  This allows you to automatically set what address to use for each shipment created for the customer
      • Note: This is not available for the Address Book that is set at the LSP Organization level. 
  • The Pencil Icon can be used to edit an existing addresses
  • An Excel template is available from the Import/Export CSV button on the Address Book screen, so that customers can add multiple entries to their address book at one time
    • This is also used to export details for easier review within the Excel environment

Customer Address Book

Independent address book per customer. You can access the customer address book from the customer profile by going to Customers> Companies> Clinking on the customer's ID you need> in the customer profile, look for Customer tools, and select Address book. Once there, you can add a new address; you can either delete it or edit the available locations by selecting it. You can use the import/export option if you have a long list of locations you want to add or if you need to export all the locations. There is an excel template you can download and special instructions you need to follow.

Global Address Book

All your customers will have access to the same locations with the global address book. You can access this from LSP> My Organization> Broker Tools> and address Book. You'll have the same options from the description on top.