Create a Margin

This article will show you how to add a Markup or Margin to a customer:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • From the Customer Company Profile, use the Customer Tools drop-down in order to begin creating a Margin or Markup.
    • Commissions are handled from the Customer Tools drop-down as well
  • On the Create: Margin screen, you first select the Customer, Mode, Status, and set the Effective & Expiration dates
    • From there you will begin to fill out the margin details; from here you can set the Detail Type, to choose what type of Margin you are creating:
      • CWT
      • Flat
      • Pieces
      • Markup %: system marks up the total freight cost by the % set
      • Margin %: system marks up the freight to whatever amount it needs to be to meet the margin % set
    • You will have the option to set a min/max to make sure a certain $ amount is always achieved and not maxed out at a certain amount
    • Cost, Weight, and Handling Unit Criteria can be set so that the Margin created only affects shipments within the criteria set
      • E.x. Weight break markups would be handled this way
    • To finish your margin you will click Save & Add Details, and then click Save Margin
  • Margins can be viewed directly in the Customer Company Profile
    • To search margins for more than one customer, you can view the Margin Search screen by going to a Customer Company Profile and clicking Customer Tools > Margin - Search
    • You can also view margins by going to Rates > Margins
  • We thoroughly recommend testing margins before releasing them on customers