2024 Product Updates - Edition 2

Truckload Quoting - Carrier Lane Management

Request quotes confidently by finding preferred carriers based on lanes directly within the Truckload Quoting screen.

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Margin Management

Pricing plans let you easily manage margins for groups of customers. Organize them by service level (e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold) and update margins for all customers within that pricing plan at once.

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Carrier Labels Maintenance

The new Carrier Labels Maintenance page is here! Now, you can easily edit, merge, and delete labels all in one place.

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Shipment Consolidation - Buy Rate Distribution

Simplify buy amount management by distributing buy amounts from parent shipments to their children from the edit pricing modal.

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We enhance the Trucker Tools Load Track integration to provide more shipment tracking flexibility.

  • You can now choose who should act as the dispatcher, either the carrier representative or the person who initiated the tracking.

  • We will also send the dispatcher's email address to Trucker Tools so that they can keep them informed about tracking events.

  • For additional stops, you will receive updates for time stamps for the actual arrival and departure dates and times.

  • You can choose whether you want Trucker Tools to update the status and times of your shipments. However, location updates will always be available under location history.

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  • Triumph Pay now supports Marketplace and 3PL Shipments. These shipments will be automatically forwarded to Triumph Pay for payment upon bill approval in our TMS.

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