2024 Product Updates - Edition 3

Front Email Integration

Send messages and trigger workflows (quotes, pickups, assignments) in Tai directly from Front. This integration automates tasks and boosts your freight brokerage efficiency.

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Workflow Automation - Pickup and Delivery Date Time Filters

Workflows can be scheduled to occur before or after your shipments' pickup and delivery times. This enables you to initiate notifications or actions earlier or send follow-ups after these times.

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Approve Bills - Lumper Receipt Column

Easily Track: Identify shipments needing a lumper receipt at a glance.
Get Alerted: A red triangle warns you if a shipment involves a lumper but lacks a receipt.
Confirm Upload: Adding the receipt displays a checkmark for easy confirmation.

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Document Processor - Lumper Receipt Document Type

Using the document processor, quickly match and attach your lumpers receipts to your shipments.

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Improved ELD Workflow
  • Carrier ELD Status at a Glance: Now, you can easily see if a carrier is ELD-enabled right from the tracking page.

  • Enhanced Tracking Accuracy: Double-check truck numbers using the asset list for precise tracking requests.

  • Comprehensive Data for Success: We now send all available data points (driver cell, truck, and trailer) to ensure successful tracking.

  • Reliable Tracking: Trucker Tools defaults to ELD data, but if unavailable, will seamlessly switch to driver cell data to ensure continuous tracking.

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