Company Loadboard

Company Loadboard allows you to use filters such as alerts, origin and destination states, equipment type, shipment status, and more to find and manage your Truckloads.

Where to find it

In the shipments tab, the first option is under Truckload.

Search Filters

  • Carrier: Search for shipments by specific carriers.
  • Office: Search for shipments by the Parent organization, Sub organization, and Factoring Companies.
  • Customer: Search for shipments by specific customers.
  • Assignments: Search for shipments based on whether they were assigned to LSP staff members.

    • All assigned will show you all shipments assigned to LSP Staff.
    • Assigned to Staff allows you to search for shipments assigned to a specific LSP Staff.

    • My Assignments will filter all shipments that were assigned under your name.
    • Not Assigned will display all shipments that do not have an LSP staff assigned.
  • Shipment ID: Search for a specific shipment with the ID.
  • Origin and Destination state.
  • Date Type: Search by shipment dates. 
    • Entry Date: Shipment Creation Date.
    • Ship Date: Pickup ready date or Pickup appointment date. The Appointment date will overwrite the Pickup ready date.
    • Delivery Date: Delivery estimated date or Delivery appointment date. The appointment date will overwrite the Delivery estimated date.
  • Equipment Type: Filter by trailer sizes (Full or Partial) and the trailer type.
  • Truckload Status: These statuses are color coded for easy visibility of the results. You can view the description in the Status Legend. 

  • Shipment Status: Quoted, Booked, Ready, Sent, Dispatched, In Transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Completed, Canceled.
    • To learn more about Shipment Statuses, please click HERE
  • Alerts: Shipment Alerts. You can click HERE to learn more about alerts.
  • Sales Person: Customer/Shipment Sales Rep assigned to a load.
  • Date Range: By default, the system will display shipment information from the Last 90 days, but we have the following options as well:

  • Reference Numbers: Search for shipments that contain a reference number. Add a reference type and the reference number to narrow down your search.

Column Customization

To customize the columns in the search results, select the Gear Icon to open the Column Customization modal.

  • Select an item's checkbox from the Available Columns list to add a column.
  • To delete a column, click the X on the item from the Selected Columns list. 
  • Drag and drop items under the Selected Columns list to reorder columns.
  • To undo your changes, select Revert to Default.

Posted Column Icons

The load board posting status is indicated by icons found under the Posted Column.

Icon Status
  • Posted.
  • At least one loadboard posting failed.
  • Processing.
  • Posting is scheduled to be removed from load board.
  • Failed

Ship Date and Delivery Date Logic

  • Pickup Shipment Dates: Pickup Ready Date (Default) → Pickup appointment date (Overwrites Previous) → Actual Pickup Date (Overwrites All)

  • Delivery Shipment Dates: Estimated Delivery Date (Default) → Delivery appointment date (Overwrites Previous) → Actual Delivery Date (Overwrites All)


Icons will be displayed in the system based on the availability of certain dates in the shipment.

  • If only the Pickup Ready Date and Estimated Delivery Date are available, no icon will be shown.
  • However, if there is an appointment date in the shipment, a Calendar icon with a Check Mark will be displayed.
  • Additionally, a Circle icon with a Check Mark will be shown if there is an actual arrival date in the shipment.

Shipment Times

You can also add columns for Origin First - Open Time, Origin First - Close Time, Destination Last - Open Time, and Destination Last - Close Time. These columns will follow the same logic as the Ship Date and Delivery Date.

Customize Columns With Reference Numbers

Using shipment reference numbers as a search column makes viewing specific shipments easier.


Select the Slide Out Dashboard to view the LTL, Truckload, Domestic Freight, or Drayage dashboard directly from Company Loadboard.

Operation Updates

The Show Most Recent Operations Update checkbox will load the most recent activity for each shipment and show you what the update was.

To learn about bulk operation tools, please click HERE.