Check Call Modal

In this article, you will learn the different features found in the Check Call modal.

What is the Check Call Modal?

It is a place in the TMS with easy access to requesting/logging updates from carriers, modifying shipment dates, initiating tracking, attaching documents, or updating the shipment status.

Where can you find it?

Shipment Summary

Company Load Board/Shipment Search

Truckload Quoting

Carrier Information

  • As soon as you access the modal, the first thing you will see is your shipment type, shipment ID, and the current status.
  • You will have access to the following information about the carrier you selected for the shipment.
    • Tariff (LTL Only)
    • Status
    • Service Level
    • Pro Number (LTL Only)
    • Reference Number
    • Linehaul Buy (LTL Only)
    • Carrier Dispatcher Phone (Truckload Only)
    • Carrier Dispatcher Name (Truckload Only)

Pro Number - Carrier Pickup Number (LTL)

We have fields for Pro and carrier pickup numbers for LTL shipments within the check call modal.
The system automatically adds information to these fields whenever we receive carrier updates via API/EDI.

  • The Carrier Pickup Number confirms that the carrier received your request and will pick up your load and the system adds this reference after you update the shipment status to ready. The ready status is what triggers the request to the carrier.
  • The Pro Number confirms that they successfully picked up your load, and the system adds this reference once the shipment hits the dispatched status. Depending on the carrier, we request the Pro Number every 15 minutes or 3 hours.

First Pickup

By clicking on this area, you will have the option to add/update:

  • Pickup appointment date, begin and end time.
  • Pickupready date and time.

Last Drop

By clicking on this area, you will have the option to add/update:

  • Delivery estimated date and time.
  • Delivery appointment date, begin and end time.

Shipment Tracker

You can initiate tracking by selecting from the drop-down the tracking integration of your choice and selecting the available tracking method (Driver Cell, Truck Number, or Trailer Number)

Manual Location Updates

If you do not have a driver tracking integration and are receiving location updates from an external source. In that case, you can log the locations manually, and they will be available in the shipment's location history.

The system will attempt to geocode the location; if found, it will add a tag to the location history map; if not found, the system will add an alert icon to the location summary, letting you know that the system was unable to geocode the location.

Address, city, state, or zip code are options to add a manual location.

Last Location will display the last location where you got an update from.

Additional Note

There is an option to log any notes you consider operations-type notes. You will have the opportunity to set them to Public, so they are available to your customers in the customer portal, Private so only LSP staff members can see them, or Admin for only LSP staff with Admin access.

Request Driver Location

If you do not have a driver tracking integration or are handling a carrier in your shipment that does not support your Tracking App. In that case, the TMS has a built-in tracking option that allows you to send a text message to the driver requesting access to their location.

For more information on Carrier Facing Pages, please click HERE.

Attached Documents

This option gives you access to the shipment document manager, where you can download any document and upload new ones if necessary.

Remember that you can email any document available in the shipment. To learn more about the send message modal, please click HERE.

To learn more about the available features of the document manager, please click HERE.

Update shipment status

The shipment statuses are at the bottom of the Check Call Modal. The system will display the next status moving forward or backward, depending on the current status.

If the status you need is not in the available options at the bottom, you can click on Select Other Status to choose from the complete list of statuses, and you will have the opportunity to cancel the shipment.

Cancelation Reasons

When canceling a shipment, users will have the opportunity to enter a cancelation reason which will be added to the shipments activity log.