Shipment Profile - Shipment Documents

This article will show you how to use the Shipment Documents feature from the Shipment Profile, and will cover the following topics:

  • Shipment Documents Location
  • Shipment Documents features
  • Instructions on how to utilize this feature

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • Shipment Documents allows you to send all of your shipment related documents to users associated with the shipment, as well as to any email outside of the system by filling out the 'To' field
  • Shipment Documents modal allows you to send an email from the system with the documents you select; it allows you to fill out all the required fields for an email from the modal itself
  • Shipment Documents let you Email, Fax, Print, or Download documents
  • You can attach documents to the shipment profile from the shipment documents drop down and set an 'access level' for each attached document to control who has visibility of the attached doc; these documents can be uploaded from your own desktop, or you can bring in documents sent over by the carrier from the 'External Documents from Carrier API' section of the attach documents pop up. Please Note: There's a file size limit of 8MB.
  • You can preview all of your shipment documents from this drop down as well by clicking the respective document title to open up a PDF of the document in your browser 

Access Level:

  • Public - Document will be available for all users who view the shipment
  • Private - Document will be available only to users in the Organization that the document was uploaded for. (This does not include Pass Through Organizations)
  • Admin - Document will be available only for users with TMS Admin Access

***Note: Each Attachment type has its own Access Level assigned by default and it will reflect depending on the one you select, e.g. BOL is Public but Carrier Bill is Private; you can change this manually if you need to***