Create a Shipment - Short Form

This article will teach you about the Truckload Short Form for creating Truckload Shipments and will cover the following topics:


  • Creating a shipment using the short form
  • Introductory walk-through of form details

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • Blue Highlights indicate the required fields; it is required to fill in at least the required fields to generate a quote
  • If you don't know the 'Class' of a shipment, you can enter the dimensions and utilize our Class calculator
  • If only one carrier is being used for your truckload shipment, and there is no separate pickup or delivery carrier, you will use the Linehaul section to enter your carrier
  • Shipment Tools > Truckload Volume Quoting page can be used to pick a carrier for the TL shipment you're working on if you create a TL shipment without a carrier already in min