Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools - Supported Integrations

  • Loadboard
  • Driver Track
  • Smart Capacity
  • Book It Now

Loadboard Integration Instructions

  1. Authentication
    1. Username
    2. API Key (License Key)
    3. Account Number
  2. Add a Linked Organization to make it available to all users.

Driver Track Instructions

  1. Authentication
    1. Account Number (Account ID)
  2. Add a Linked Organization to make it available to all users. 

Smart Capacity Instructions

Trucker Tools - Smart Capacity / Book It Now Authentication Requirements

  1. Authentication
    1. Trucker Tools Website Login
    2. Trucker Tools API Authorization Key (not encrypted) (This goes in our License Key field) 
    3. Trucker Tools Account Number
    4. Trucker Tools SecretKey
      1. Secret Key will not auto generate, must be provided and entered as a source setting
      2. Secret Key = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    5. Additional Source Settings
      1. Smart Capacity add Name - "smartcapacity", Value - "true"
      2. Book It Now add Name - "bookitnow", Value - "true"
    6. For Book It Now add an Additional

      Add a Linked Organization to make it available to all users. Note, the organization that shipment belongs to will be sent across as revenueCode = organization ID. 


  • When a shipment is created and set to booked status, submit the Shipment to Smart Capacity
    • Shipments get submitted by default while in booked status
      • If other Quoted Status is required, add a Source Setting Parameter Name - SubmitQuoted, Value "True" 
  • Changes to the shipment need to be monitored and submitted

Book It Now

  • Book It Now Rate will be submitted with the Buy Rate if entered. 
  • When a Book It Now is accepted by the carrier, the TMS will submit the carrier rate confirmation to the carrier's email.

Truckload Quoting

  • To pull Carrier Quotes
    • Hitting the "Search" API button will return any available carriers provided by the Smart Capacity integration. 

For the Load Track integration, it is controlled from the Location History modal. You can select the Shipment Tracker of choice, then hit the Start Tracking button to initiate tracking. Subsequent status and tracking messages will be returned and logged on this page.


Additionally, when a driver uploads a POD, the document will be uploaded to TAI’s Document Manager, and the system will select “POD” as the Document Type as well as “Public” for the Access Level. so it will be available for the Customer in the front office.