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My Organization

My Organization

On the My Organization page, you will find different settings such as:

Modes which are the shipment types, and how many shipments you have with each (Truckload, LTL, Drayage, etc.). 

This is a graphic of Quoted and Booked shipments and their revenue. 


Your organization's General information includes name, address, Invoice email, organization type (LSP, Customer or Factor Company), status (Inactive, Active, Locked), and MC number.


Margins and Commissions of your organization.


Staff List, in this section, you can create staff users for your organization.

Recent activity, here you can find last shipment date, last quote date, last staff login, and average LTL class.

Accounting Information and Shipment Defaults, in this section, you will see invoice delivery type, invoice recipients, invoicing automation method, hierarchy bill approval, and more. 

In the upper right-hand corner of My organization page, you will also see the Edit Record button (which will allow you to edit information about your organization). Edit Settings (in this section, you will be able to edit your LSP organization settings). Broker Tools (You'll see the organization's activity, margins, edit address book, and more). Admin Tools