How to Upload Factoring Companies in Bulk

The purpose of this article is to describe the process of uploading factoring companies in bulk to the TMS. These factoring companies can then be assigned to the carriers under LSP Carriers.

For a detailed process on how to assign the factoring companies to the carriers or how to create the factoring companies manually, visit Managing Factoring Companies.


  1. To download the template, go to the main dashboard, and at the top, click LSP.

  2. Click Implementation Guide

  3. Under Imported, click the Factoring Companies option.

Note: You will need TMS Admin permissions to access the Implementation Guide.

 4. Click the Template button at the bottom of the modal

The only required field by the system would be the name of the organization you are uploading, but there are some special instructions to consider before doing so:

  • For Country, ensure you add USA or Canada in that exact format. For other Countries, make sure to spell the name correctly. Avoid abbreviations in both cases because that will cause the upload to fail.

  • Make sure zip codes are entered as text with leading 0s when necessary. "07761" instead of "7761" (consider that Excel will remove leading 0s if you do not format the cell as text).
    • Remember that the system will allow you to have zip codes with no less than five characters but a maximum of 6.

  • All Emails must be entered in a valid format or left blank. Invalid emails in any of the following fields will cause a failure to import.

  • Make sure none of the columns or cells have special formatting or characters.

  • Make sure there are no duplicated company names.

Uploading the Template

  1. To upload the final document to the system, go to the main dashboard, and at the top, click LSP.

  2. Click Implementation Guide

  3. On the modal, click Next

  4. Choose the file and click Upload

    1. The email address field should be populated automatically. 

Troubleshooting Import Errors 

The most common errors on this import are related to the zip codes, the email address, or the special characters. If this happens, ensure the email is in a valid format. If multiple emails exist, separate them with a comma and a space and not a semi-colon. 

For the zip codes, ensure they have the leading 0s if needed, and there are no more than five digits on them.