Customer Portal Setting - Customer Staff

This article will teach you about the Customer Portal Settings for a Customer Staff Profile:

The Customer Portal has different settings that can be applied depending on what you're looking to allow a Customer staff to have access to. 

***Note: For everything related to certain general customer settings such as the Default Freight Class and the auto-populate toggles (Accessorials, Insurance, etc.) or the required fields (NMFC, Dimensions, etc.) which will affect the customer as a whole please refer to the article: Company Profile - Customer Portal Settings.***

To access this setting you just need to go to Customers<Staff<Select the customer Staff you want to change the permissions for<Click on the pencil.

Then scroll all the way down to find the different settings we have for the Customer Staff whenever they access the Customer Portal. We have three types of settings: The ones related to the Staff, Tariffs, and notifications as well as some permissions.

***Note: whenever you have doubts about what a specific setting or permission do you can pass the mouse over the

icon and the system will provide a brief description of what it does***

Staff Settings:

These are related with the different modes the Customer staff can use, as well as some required information when creating a shipment. Also here you can grant the ability for paying invoices from the customer portal to this specific Customer staff user.


Under this category you will find the:

      • User Allowed Customer Access - this will allow the customer staff to see shipments that were created by other customer staff members. If the setting is unchecked, they will only be able to see shipments that they create. 
      • Affiliate/Reports -To allow users to pull up reports such as Delivered shipments, sent to carrier, and more, please enable this permission. 

Tariff Settings:

These are related to the different options related to the rates and tariffs you customer will be able to see on the Customer Portal when creating a shipment. From here you can allow them to see more than one rate for one carrier, to only show guaranteed rates or the least costly ones, as well as to hide the rates or the tariff names.

Notification Settings:      

In this section, you will find:

      • Collections Notice - Allows the staff member to get automated collections notifications for past invoices.

      • Invoice Notification - When this setting is active, the customer staff will receive a copy of the invoice on Invoice Delivery. 

***Note: You can set an invoice email at Org Level and staff level; what this will do is that those emails will get each copy of the invoice whenever it is created and sent ***

    • Shipment Status Change - This setting will send an email to the user for every status change on a shipment (This includes: Picked up status, Out for Delivery Status, Delivered Status, and Additional Shipment Statuses)
    • Proof of Delivery - When this setting is active, the customer staff will notify the Proof of delivery to the email registered on their profile.