Company Profile - Customer Portal Settings

This article will teach you about the Customer Portal Settings for a Customer Company Profile:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • Customer Portal Settings affect the customer's experience in the Front Office
  • Status determines whether a Customer Company is Active or Inactive
    • Inactive customers do not show up in Customer Search, and cannot access the system when set to inactive
  • Default Freight Class allows brokers to set a Freight Class that will be defaulted to every time the selected customer creates a shipment
  • Default Shipment Status allows you to set the Default Shipment Status that will occur when a customer books a shipment. You must set the Shipment Type, then the status that should be set when the customer books the shipment. This can be useful for putting shipments into an Order Received status when the shipment is booked. This allows for your ops team to review the shipment prior to dispatching to the carrier. 
  • You can set Dimensions to be Required for a customer when creating a shipment, as these are not set to required by default
  • Auto Calculate Class will force the customer to have to use the class generated by our system's class estimator based off of the dimensions and weight of the commodity; this makes it so the customer has a lower chance of manually entering an incorrect value
  • NMFC Required flag allows you to require that an NMFC number be entered by the customer in order for them to save and book a shipment
  • Auto Open Accessorials will affect the Front Office by automatically opening accessorials on the Start Order page.
  • Auto Open Insurance will affect the Front Office by automatically opening insurance on the Start Order page.
  • Notes are to be used for notes to display for the customer to users in the Back Office; notes set here are not visible to customers