Credit Hold Workflow

The Credit Hold function allows users to halt shipments from auto rating (front office) and blocks a load from advancing past the Committed status.

Credit Hold

Credit Hold is a status in the customer's accounting profile that has added functionality that allows the user to stop the end customer from rating in the front office and enables the ability to block the shipment from advancing past the Committed status when engaged.



These messages are customizable within content templates by looking for:

  • INFO Front Office Credit Hold

  • INFO Back Office Credit Hold


In the customer's profile:

  • Click on Edit Accounting Profile
  • In the Credit Status section, set the Credit Status to Credit Hold

  • A Credit Hold entry will be made when this occurs, ensuring that all Front Office auto rating is blocked. This is done by adding rating blocks to the Credit Hold page. 
  • The Credit Hold page can be accessed by clicking on the Credit Hold link in the Accounting Information section: 

  • You can Block All Tariffs or a Specific Tariff (set of tariffs) and put a note to tell other users the reason for the block.
  • Click the Trash Can Icon to delete a Credit Hold and remove the block on the customer.
  • If a Credit Hold is resolved from the Accounting Profile, it automatically removes the "Block All Tariffs" entry from the Credit Hold page. 

Auto Apply Credit Hold

The Auto Apply Credit Hold feature is a function that can be enabled from the LSP Org Settings page. When enabled, the system will auto-apply the credit hold status to the customer's accounting profile whenever the Credit Limit goes from acceptable to exceeded.

Once the system assigns a credit hold status to the accounting profile, and you need to update it because the customer's status is now acceptable, you need to lift this status manually. Doing so will automatically update the credit hold under Accounts Receivable and display tariffs in the front office.

A credit hold will not be applied if a customer's credit limit has already been exceeded. Credit Holds are only used when the customer's credit goes from being acceptable to an exceeded condition. This is intentional and is part of the Credit Hold Override functionality. 

Credit Hold Override

When a customer is in a Credit Limit exceeded state and has a Credit Hold status, users with access to the customer's accounting profile can change the Credit Status, thus taking it out of Credit Hold. When this occurs, customers in a Credit Limit exceeded state will not automatically get a credit hold. However, if their credit limit state is satisfied and they surpass it again, that will trigger the automatic Credit Hold workflow.