Carrier Facing EDI Support

Tai TMS supports automating dispatching, tracking, and invoicing functionality via receiving and sending EDI files to carriers. This will require a setup by the Integration Team. 

Tai TMS will process EDI files based on the X12 - 4010 Standard.

Files can be transmitted via FTP / SFTP / FTPS, we can host an FTP and FTPs connection, which is recommended.

Supported EDI Documents:

  • 204 (Load Tender) This would be the outgoing dispatch/pickup request to the carrier.
  • 997 (Functional Acknowledgement) Carrier's can support sending an acknowledgment indicating that the 204 was received.
  • 990 (Load Tender Response) This is the acceptance/decline of the load tender.  Carriers can also send the pickup number in this file type.
  • 214 (Status Updates) When we receive status updates from Carriers. we'll update the shipment status accordingly.  This file type is also where the PRO and POD would be obtained.
  • 210 (Invoicing) Please review our EDI 210 Automation Process document for details.

You can view our currently supported carriers here:  API /EDI Supported Carriers

If you'd like to try and have a new carrier supported, please have them fill out and return the following form:  TAI Software EDI Information Sheet