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Broker Tools

Broker Tools is a helpful tool you can use to do different activities in just one place, such as: 

Address Book, the address book contains both origin and destinations that you may commonly use in the TMS. Since the purpose of this book is to store addresses, when you create a shipment, you will be able to select them from the drop-down menu, making this process faster and efficient. You can import addresses in bulk and also one by one.  

Address Book - Customer Portal

Implementation Guide, in this section, you can find site organization information, organization data, and more. 

  • Implementation Guide

You can also see the Parcel Shipment Importer. 

Organization Dispute reasons, here you add and remove dispute reasons.

Organization Linked tariffs can be open from this tool too.

Load board sources; here, you can add, search, edit or remove integration sources. 

 Margin Search & Create, you can add, edit, and remove margins from this section.

Broker activity is an activity log; you can check your organization's changes and who made them.

Shipped report, you can access this section and create your report.

Shipment History, where you can search, view, edit, and perform bulk actions on shipments. 

Carrier Summary, this section will show you your carrier's revenue, volume, margin, and weight, per quarter. 

Attached documents, you can attach documents such as W9 Credit applications or brokerage agreements when needed.

Commission Search, you can search, add, and remove commissions. 

Account Management Links. You can add, edit or delete existing links.

Merge Organization; this is an option for you to merge your organization. This merge process cannot be undone; please contact support before merging organizations.