Billing Variance Report

This article will walk through the Billing Variance Report.

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The purpose of this section is to allow you to review all of your bills with pricing discrepancies and take action on them to remedy them; this screen allows you to have a place where you can place bills to be reviewed for discrepancies.

  • You can search between Carrier bills, Organization bills (factoring company, etc..), or Sales Rep bills; there are also quick filters for payment status and date, along with more advanced filters for drilling down to specific items.
  • Activity notes can be logged on this page to inform users of actions on this screen.
  • You can click the Attachment icon to view the documents, including the bill, attached to the shipment. 
  • Any Bill put in variance will be displayed on this report; we recommend checking the activity log of the bill from the Billing Variance Report screen to quickly see what may have caused this bill to be thrown into variance.
  • Checking off the bills, entering bill numbers, and clicking 'Approve Shipments' will push the bill out of variance and allow it to be paid; you can have the customer invoice created at the same time you approve using the flag 'Create Customer Invoice.'
  • Under Bulk Operations, there will be an option to "Do Not Bill." This will allow the user to void the Accounts Payable portion of the shipment. The accounting for that shipment will be stopped entirely. 
  • The Dispute Log icon will allow the user to register any dispute over the price with the vendor. 
    • The dispute modal will include an amount, a reason, and a status field. 

Blue: No dispute

Red: Dispute created

Yellow: Dispute researching

Green: Dispute resolved