Adding a Credit Card to a Customer -

After activating the integration, you will be able to add a credit card to a customer's profile as follows:

1. Go to the customer profile and click Edit Accounting Profile:

2. When the modal opens, click on Add/View Payment Methods:

3. Select either Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH) and click Add New Payment Method:

4. Enter the required information and click Add Payment Method:

This will sync the information back to Credit Cards are not stored in the TMS.

Verify Configuration in

This integration is intended to simply charge a user's credit card once entered in the system and selected for a shipment.  Further authentication should not be required every single time their payments are selected, however, has a security measure in place to require the CVV value to accept a payment. This should be disabled so that the cards are simply charged at request without the CVV value. 

Force Payment By Credit Card on Booking

To set up a customer to always pay by credit card, you must the Credit Status to Continual Credit Card & set the Invoice Automation Method to Auto Invoice at Booking

Force Payment By Credit Card on Delivery

To set up a customer to always pay by credit card, you must the Credit Status to Continual Credit Card & set the Invoice Automation Method to Auto Invoice at Delivery.

Locate Customer ID in Authorize's portal

Sign onto

  • Go to Tools -> Customer Information Manager
  • Search for the Customer ID which should match the Customer Organization ID (should be 347294) and the Authorize ID = Need this from Authorize (see below)
  • We need to know what the Authorize ID is so that we can update it on our end.

Receive Payment in Customer Portal and Charge Credit Card

Receive Payment and Charge Credit Card

NOTE: The 'Refund' option on the Invoice Payment page will NOT work with the integration. Any refund should be processed directly through the portal.