White Glove Delivery

This article describes the process of creating a White Glove or Final Mile leg on an LTL shipment.

White-Glove Delivery Steps (Back Office)

To use this feature, you must have a rating integration between Werner Enterprises, Dickerson Transportation, or CRST.

  1. Create an LTL shipment
  2. Enter origin/destination
  3. Enter commodity information
  4. Select Setup White Glove (This is only available if you have an active White Glove Tariff available)
  5. Save the Shipment
  6. The Dispatch icon will be visible in the Delivery Transit Leg area. (Cost Calculations section)
  7. The shipment has to be in status between Dispatched and Delivered for the dispatch icon to be selectable. This also has to have no Delivery Pro Number added)

White Glove video here