Volume Quoting - Email Carriers

This article will show you how to email Truckload carriers directly from the system:

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Quick Reference Video Summary

  • From the Truckload volume quoting page, you can view which carriers have an email setup by hovering over the 'Mail' icon in order to see if mail is set up for the carrier or not
  • The system will show you whether an email contact is a setup by performing a check on the respective LSP Carrier's profile to see if there is an entry in the 'Contact Information' section of the profile
  • You can check as many carriers as you want to email at the same time, or check the box next to Email to select all the carriers with an email available, then click the 'Email' button which will have a number next to it in parenthesis to tell you how many carriers you've selected, and you will be greeted by the email popup where you can fill out the body of the email to the carriers
  • The email sent to the carrier not only allows them to view and email, but it provides them a URL page where they can fill out their carrier response (Carrier Quote Response Page) and submit it to your Truckload Volume Quoting Screen; you can view the carrier response by clicking the Pencil Icon and viewing the 'Notes'
  • You can send the Carrier Response URL to the carrier directly by clicking the Pencil icon to pull out the carrier response URL
  • Similar functionality will occur when you send the Carrier Confirmation Response URL
  • The system will then log the response from the Carrier to the Activity Logs.

Email Carriers

In order to Email Carriers within the TMS, you will first have to have the Email Contact set up for the Carrier in the LSP Carrier Profile. To Email Carriers within the TMS, access the Truckload Volume Quoting Page. Next to the pencil icon in the Carrier display, you will see a checkbox. Check off the carrier's you would like to email and click the blue Email button towards the top. You can fill in your message in the Email Modal and a Carrier Response URL will be sent alongside your message. If you would like to send an email using your own email, you can copy the Carrier Response URL by clicking the pencil icon and copying the URL section within the Modal.