Truckload Advance Pay

Truckload Advance Pay gives a broker functionality to allow for making advance payments to carriers for TL shipments. This function can also utilize integrations with Truckstop Pay. These services are not required but will allow the payment process to flow easily. With Truckload Advance Pay, you can create a bill payment without having created the bill. 

Advance Payment Creation

To create an Advance Payment, on a Truckload Shipment, click on Accounting --> Advance Pay

This will pull up the Register Advanced Payment screen. Enter a payment date, the applied amount, and any pertinent details required for the payment. 

Show Advance Payments for Shipments

After saving the payment, an Alert will be appended to the shipment indicating that an Advanced Payment exists.

An alert will be appended to the shipment to indicate that an Advanced Payment exists. 

On the Accounting Shipment Search page, the Advanced Bill Payment will be displayed. 

Advance Payment for Approve Bills Page

On the Approve Bills Page, if an Advanced Payment exists, it will be indicated in the Advanced Payment column. Bill payment will automatically be associated with the bill when the bill is approved. 

Payment History for Advance Payments

On the Bill Payment History page, the Advance Payment section will allow the user to filter on any Unapplied or Applied payments.

Payment Processor for AP Payments