Public API Key

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API Keys:

To get a Customer set up with an API Key, a Broker with TMS Admin Permissions will need to access the Public Authentication Keys page under LSP. This will allow you to assign an API Key that's automatically generated for any Customer or Broker Staff. 

The public authentication key is a way to identify yourself to a login server instead of typing a password. You can generate it by following these steps: 


1. Go to LSP > Public authentication keys. 

2. Click on 'Add Public Authentication Key' > Select an organization or customer > Select a customer staff or broker staff and hit save. 


If this is set up via a Customer Staff, simply add the Customer Staff and provide the API Key.

If this is set up via a Broker Staff, there are additional steps to take. 

  1. Go to the Customer Profile that you want to have this rating option.
  2. Add a CustomerReferenceNumber to their Profile. (Under Edit Record -> General Information)
  3. Provide them with the Broker Staff API Key.
  4. Enforce that they have to include the CustomerReferenceNumber that you've assigned in every request.

Both options will provide Rates based on their current margins set up within the TMS.