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Staff Permissions

This article will help you understand the different Staff Permissions available in the LSP Staff Profile:

From an LSP Staff Profile, you will see the Permissions section on the bottom right side of the profile
The more permissions a user is given, the more access they will have to the system; they will be able to see more screens and perform more actions in the system

  • Accounting AP Approve Bills allows users to search and approve bills.

  • Accounting AP Invoicing allows users to search and view bills.

  • Accounting AP Payments allows users to create and modify bill payments.

  • Accounting AP Revisions grant staff access to change pricing and create revisions after approval.

  • Accounting AR Collections grant staff access to search invoices and manage collections.

  • Accounting AR Invoicing grant staff access to search and create invoices.

  • Accounting AR Payments grant staff access to search and apply invoice payments.

  •  Accounting AR Revisions grant staff access to add and edit payments and invoices, change prices, and create revisions after approval.

  • Accounting Sync allows users to take advantage of the Quickbooks Syncing integration.

  • Batch Processing allows users to import shipments in bulk.

  • Commissions Admin grants staff access to add and edit shipments, organization, and staff commissions.

  • Commission Approve grants access to approve commissions.

  • Customer Add/Edit allows users to add and edit Customers and Customer Staff.

    Hide Export to Excel hides the Export to Excel button on all pages.

  • LSP Add/Edit allows users access to add and edit LSP Organizations.

  • LSP Carrier Add/Edit allows users to add LSP Carriers to their system from the carriers available in our internal Master Carrier list.

  • Margin Add Edit allows users can create and edit margins and tariff links.

  • Master Carrier Add/Edit grants staff access to add and edit master carriers to our database.

  • Reports - Basic gives users access to the default reports such as a shipped report, inactive customer report, customer trend report, profitability report (if Accounting permissions are granted), commissions linking report, and more.

  • Reports - Business Level this provides access to more advanced reports, such as the commission linking and profitability reports, and also manages custom reports.

  • Reports - Sales provides a user 'Sales Access' in the system, giving the user the Sales dropdown in the back office.

  • Shipment Change Customer allows users access to change customers on shipment after committing.

  • Tariff Add Edit allows users to search, add and modify tariffs in the system.

  • TMS Site Admin allows users to modify content templates, access charge line summaries, and the shipment importer, delete documentation from shipments, create public authentication keys, edit LSP staff permissions, and more.

  • Truckload Quoting Tools enables users to access the Truckload Quoting page from any page where it is available.
  • User-Allowed Org Access allows users visibility and access to all shipments under their parent organization (for all customers.)

      • If not checked, this user will only have access to organizations they are linked to