Shipment Profile - Shipment Tools

This article will showcase the below, and show you how to utilize the various Shipment Tools in the shipment profile:

  • Access Commissions from Shipment Profile
  • Shipment Duplication
  • Shipment Automation Log
  • Truckload Quoting
  • Save As Template

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • Commissions option allows you to add a commission or exit an existing commission from the shipment profile
    • You can select what Sales Rep and amount they will receive
  • Duplicate will duplicate the order details and put it in the shipment profile
    • On LTL shipment, this does not copy over pricing information, the rate, or the carrier; Shipments will have to be re-rated after duplication
    • On all other shipment types, pricing will be copied over unless a tariff existed on the shipment. 
  • Shipment Automation Log is mainly for IT Support to see behind the scenes of the Files being sent between our system and the carrier
  • Truckload Quoting will allow you to access that page from the convenience of the shipment profile (See additional training video)
  • Edit Pricing can be done from shipment tools as well as the methods described in the article that covers Edit Pricing (See additional training video)
  • Save As Template will allow you to save the shipment structure you have a template to reuse in future shipments.