Shipment Status Updates (EDI 214/API) - Verify Weight

When processing shipment status updates the TMS will extract the carrier reported weight for the shipment and check against the saved shipment weight. If the weight is different, we will create an exception on the shipment that will notify someone that there may be a problem with the shipment weight.

The purpose of this functionality is to help alert you to weight changes before the shipment is delivered. This should help make appropriate cost changes before the shipment has been invoiced reducing the number of invoice revisions being delivered to customers. Upon the release of this functionality, we found that over 87% of the carrier reported EDI weight changes were correct.  

  • Notify the user via shipment exception 
  • Update the shipment weight (based on the rules below) so the shipment will trigger a change since booking
    • This change will block auto invoice and auto bill approve functionality
    • This change will also show on the invoice change management section
  • Add an activity log that shows the carrier's weight vs the current weight on the shipment
  • Set the AR and AP to variance so that it will be visible before an invoice or bill is created


  • If the weight difference is over 20lbs and less than 40% different, update the weight saved in TMS
  • If it is too high of a difference, TMS will not update the weight
  • If the weight difference is less than 20lbs we will do nothing