Shipment Profile - Location History

This article will show you have to utilize the 'Location History' modal in the system:

  • Location History navigation steps
  • Functionality & Best Cases

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • From the shipment profile you will click 'Location History' from the Shipment Profile's Menu buttons
  • The shipment location history modal will allow you to see your shipment's stops on a Google Map, with the appropriate pins designating each of your stops
  • You can fill out your driver's phone number in order to utilize their phone's GPS to provide location updates in the system; these location updates will show up as blue pins on the map
  • You can manually update the location from the Location History popup as well when you scroll to the bottom of the window and fill out the 'Location' field  and then click the blue 'Add Location' button; this will add a blue pin on the map as well as the location details you filled out
  • Automated location updates (API & EDI) will show up in this modal as well; the pins will be automatically fixed to the map along with their respective historical location details