Shipment Edit Pricing

This article will show you ways to edit your shipment pricing, utilize the cost-per-measurement options, and more.

Edit pricing

The edit pricing modal is available in the shipment summary screen by clicking the Edit Pricing button at the top of the page. You can also find it in the Tools drop-down or when you Create/Edit a shipment and scroll down to the Cost Calculations section.

Accessorial Quantity

Add quantities on accessorials by specifying you had more than one charge; this allows your accounting to be more detailed when customers request more information about what they pay instead of displaying a total price.

For example, you can have 5 hours and 30 minutes of detention or multiple chassis fees and easily display this in your invoice.

Your customer invoice will display the quantity, the rate per unit, and the total.

Cost per measurement

You can calculate your buy using the cost per measurement values. These values are linked to the commodity description in the following way:
  • Cost per Pound = Buy - Calculated using Weight
  • Cost per 100 Pounds (CWT) = Buy - Calculated using Weight
  • Cost per Tons = Buy - Calculated using Weight where 2000 pounds = a Ton
  • Cost per Piece = Buy - Total Pieces (sum of all pieces of all commodities)
  • Cost Per Mile = Buy - Mileage

Once you access the edit pricing from any options, click the arrow to find the calculation options.

Please watch this short video to see how this feature works for you.

Use Default Margin

Changes on the Buy Pricing will carry down to the sell unless you uncheck 'Use Default Margins.'

  • This will make it so your changes to the buy won't affect your sell
  • If no Margin exists on the shipment, then the Use Default Margins will not be selected
  • Changes to pricing can be viewed in the Cost calculation section of the Shipment Profile

Editing Fuel Surcharge

When the Linehaul Buy Amount is adjusted:

  • The fuel Percentage is not adjusted.
  • Fuel Buy is adjusted.
When the Fuel Buy Amount is adjusted:
  • The Fuel Percentage is adjusted to reflect the Fuels Buy rate, which is a percentage of the Linehaul Buy rate.
When the Fuel Percentage is adjusted:
  • The Buy Fuel Amount is updated.
  • The Sell Fuel Amount is updated.

When the Linehaul Sell Amount is Adjusted:

  • The fuel percentage is not adjusted.
  • The Fuel Sell is adjusted.

When the Fuel Sell Amount is adjusted:

  • Nothing is adjusted; in this case, the Fuel Amount has been overridden.

When the Total Buy is Adjusted:

  • The Linehaul Buy Amount is recalculated based on the Fuel Percentage.

When the Total Sell is Adjusted:

  • The Linehaul Sell Amount is recalculated based on the Fuel Percentage.