Shipment Profile / Shipment Overview

This article will cover the following features of the Shipment Profile; keep in mind that most of these features have their own training videos for more in depth information:

  • Activity Log
  • Update Status
  • Location History
  • Accounting
  • Shipment Tools
  • Shipment Documents

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • Activity Log displays an 'audit trail' of all the actions made in a shipment profile.
  • Activity Log can be used to store notes for other system user with the 'Add Activity' button; the color of the activity log button will show you if there has been new activity in the last 24 hours (orange).
  • Update Status can be quickly used to update the status of the order.
  • Location History Popup will display the tracking updates on a map, with a pin for each stop.
  • Accounting menu allows you to manage your Payables and Receivables. You can create invoices and approve bills from here, as well as register advanced payments or variances.
  • Shipment Tools allows you to Duplicate shipments, view commissions, check what automation files were sent (EDI / API), view Truckload Volume Quoting, and edit pricing.
  • Shipment Documents allows you to see all related and attached shipment documents, as well as send them out to carriers and associated parties; you can upload documents from this menu as well.