Shipment Importer

This article will show you how to utilize the Shipment Importer:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • Importer tool allows you to:
    • Select a Customer to import shipments for
    • Select a Carrier to import shipments for (can be omitted in order to let the system generate the least-cost carrier via smart quote) By default, LSP Broker Carriers will be displayed. Use the toggle switch to access the Master Carrier database, as needed. 
    • Enter an email to be mailed the import results
    • Select a default shipment status for the imported shipments ( If you select Ready to Dispatch and it's an LTL shipment, once the shipments are uploaded, they will dispatch)
    • Upload your excel import file
  • Template:
    • Shipment ID column should be left blank, as '0,' so that the system can assign shipment IDs to these
    •  If column AS & AT (Buy / Sell Pricing) and the Carrier field are left blank, the system will check for this and automatically generate a smart quote to select the least cost carrier for each shipment in the import file
    •  Use the template to know which fields are required for import
    • Options for the Handling/Package Unit Type: Shipment Importer
    • Accessorial options:  List of Accessorials
  • Shipment Uploads / Imports will show up in your shipment search screens as the most recently created shipments for the customer selected for importing

Additional notes:

  • The importer does not support imports of shipments with multiple commodity lines.