Send a Quote

This article will show you how to send a quote from the system, and will cover the following below:

  • 2 Methods of Sending a Quote
  • Different recommendations and tips for quoting
  • Quote sheets are automatically added to shipments when the shipment is set to Ready

Quick Reference Video

  • 'Rates Modal Window' Icon (shown above); this button exists above the Pricing Information section and to the right.
  • Method 1: From the Pricing Information section of the shipment profile, you can use the icon showcased above in order to pop open the 'Rates Modal Window;' this pop up will allow you to copy multiple quotes at the same time in order to send to your customer from your email (outside of the system).
  • Method 2: Sending 1 carrier quote with 1 rate option to your customer. After selecting a carrier, from the Shipment Profile, you click 'Shipment Documents' and then 'Quote Sheet.' From this window you can click 'Send' in order to send the quote from the system.
  • 'Send Documents' from the system allows you to attach all types of shipment documents, write a body, subject line, and pick who you want to send and cc to.
  • We recommend saving the copied quote from method 1 to a shipment's activity log, so that you have documentation  in the shipment of what your customer was quoted. You can do this by clicking the 'Activity Log' and then 'Add Activity.'