Revise Bill

This article will show you how to add a bill revision to an existing Bill in the system:

  • This functionality is used to add additional charges after a bill has been approved.
  • This can be completed as follows:

    1. Pull up the shipment
    2. Click on Accounting
    3. Select Modify Bill
    4. Add the additional charges. 

    Once in the Modify bill modal, you will see the R1 is automatically added to the bill Number; you can do two things here:
    • Add bill Adjustment: used to add charges to an invoice that may have been left out
      • You can set whether you want to Recalculate Commissions based on this bill change.
      • Any Accessorial that already exists on a bill will not display as a selectable option


    • Modify bill Details: used to modify the details of the existing bill; you will be able to edit the Amount, bill#, bill Date, or bill Due date.