Remove Invoice from Statement

This article will show you how to remove an invoice from a Customer's statement.


  • Firstly, from the Shipment Detail Page, click on the shipments Accounting drop down, then Modify Invoice
  • From the Modify Invoice pop up, click on Delete Invoice. This would delete the existing invoice. This can be done so long as payment has not been associated with the invoice.

To ensure that it does not get invoiced at a later stage: 

  • Click on the shipments Accounting drop down, and select Create Variance

  • After the customer invoice has been sent to Variance, click on the Accounting drop down menu, then select Variance List under Accounts Receivable

  • Locate the shipment and select it. Then click, Do Not Invoice

After these steps have been done, this will make it so that the shipment cannot be invoiced in the future.