Option / Status Updates

This article will teach you about the different options available to users from an International Shipment Profile:

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • From the shipment profile, you will notice at the top of the profile you have a group of menu items / buttons that allow you to perform various actions in the system:
    • Shipment Documents: view shipment documents and add attachments
    • Commissions: view and manage commissions for a shipment
    • Duplicate Shipment: allows users to duplicate the order they are currently viewing; some order details will be omitted, such as the saved rates
    • Accounting: allows users to perform accounting functions like creating invoices and approving payables
    • Shipment Favorites: allows users to favorite shipments to see in their favorites list
    • Activity Log: shows users all activity on a shipment profile
  • To update an International shipment Status, click Edit Record, and then view the Status Drop down in the top right of the shipment profile