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On-Site Support & Training

This article describes important facts for on-site training or support.

On-site support is not something Tai promotes as a standard service. However, we are open to accepting these requests from customers and are committed to making it work so both parties can benefit from it.


  • We will charge $1000 per day at the customer's location.
  • All travel expenses including accommodations and flights are the responsibility of the customer.

Terms & Conditions

  • On-site support and training have to be requested at least two (2) weeks in advance. 
  • On-site support and training shall be for a minimum of one (1) day.
  • Costs associated with cancellations or changes of plans shall be covered by the customer.
  • The date and times of support will be subject to the availability of Tai's team.
  • A working day at the customer's location should not exceed eight (8) hours.
  • Tai will send one person from the team unless otherwise agreed with the customer.
  • Tai will select the most appropriate staff member available for the training. 


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