My Carrier Packets

The My Carrier Packets integration provides a service for quick document and insurance retrieval. Additionally, the integration will monitor for any carrier data changes. 

Integration Source Setup

The customer can generate the MCP Integration Credentials by logging into their MCP account> looking for Integration tools on the left side> Add Integration> Select  Teknowlogi/Tai Software from the drop-down list. That will take them where they can create a Username and Password.

Additionally, If you want to include contact information from MPC, you will need to go to the next section and make the following questions required:

My carrier packets  questions

  • Go to LSP> Integration Source and click on Add New Integration Source.
  • In Source Description, you can add a name for the integration, typically is the name of your Company and MCP, so that we can identify it quickly.
  • Source Group: Other
  • Source Type: My carrier Packets
  • Owner Org: By Default, your organization's name will be there
  • User name: User name created in the MCP account
  • Password: Password created in the MCP account

  • The last step would be to link the integration with the organization by clicking on Add Organization Link and selecting the parent account from the drop-down list.

How it Works

A master carrier profile is required within TAI in order for the carrier information to sync from My Carrier Packets. Our Intellivite process automatically creates the carrier's profile for you, however, you do have the option to manually create a carrier and manually sync it afterwards as explained below. Broker Carrier Profiles will be automatically created, when the MC or DOT Number matches a Carrier on our Master List) and then the Packet Information will be synced if the invitation process was done externally (within My Carrier Packets).  They must also be set to be monitored in My Carrier Packets.

Initial Sync

We will sync 5 years worth of carriers from MCP.


  • When onboarding a new carrier, from the LSP Carrier page, click on "Email Packet Invitation". 
    • This will open the My Carrier Packets Intellivite modal
      • Search for the Carrier either by Name, SCAC, DOT Number, MC Number
      • Enter the carrier's email 
      • Click on Email Packet Invitation
    • This will create the LSP Carrier Profile, however, it will be in a "Pending" while we await a response from the carrier with the completed packet from My Carrier Packets. 
    • After the packet has been completed by the carrier, we will import carrier details. 
      • Imported Carrier Details
        • Agreements
        • Factoring Companies (The TMS will check and monitor factoring companies and create them as needed) 
        • Carrier Remit To Info
        • Dispatcher Contacts
        • Driver Contacts
        • Preferred Regions
        • Payment Terms
          • If no payment terms are available, it will default to 30 days
          • If QuickPay = True, we'll map to Quick Pay
          • If Days does not equal a value we have available in the dropdown, we'll round it to the closest number in favor of paying sooner. The actual payment terms will be logged in the activity log. 
        • W9
        • Insurance Details
        • Insurance Certificates
        • Supported Shipment Types
        • Tax ID
      • If a carrier already exists, you can still submit an Intellivite. We will disable the existing carrier, submit the Intellivite and wait for the carrier response. 


    Once the LSP Carrier has been set up in the TMS, the integration will begin automatic monitoring for changes w/ a 4-minute frequency.

    On-Demand Sync

    Users can click on the "Sync Carrier Data" button to initiate a full sync of all available data. You can find this option in the LSP carrier's profile by going to LSP> LSP carriers and selecting the carriers you need the carrier data Synced.

    Note: A red X would indicate that an item could not sync due to an error.

    Insurance Information Sample: 

    Note: Source Type indicates where the information was pulled from. An entry of "Manual" type means the entry was not synced but rather manually entered. 

    Overwrite Setting

    This setting will allow flexibility for users who do want information overwritten by MCP when available.

    Name Value: Overwrite True/False

    • When True

      • Information within MCP replaces existing information(Packets, Equipment Types, Insurance) on the Broker Carrier Profile.

    • When False

      • The sync will not update existing information (Packets, Equipment Types, Insurance) on the Broker Carrier Profile.

      • Import of MCP information will only happen once.

    Equipment Type Mapping

    Note: Equipment mapping is not one-to-one. We attempt to map the equipment as close as possible based on MCP equipment types.

    Click HERE to view the list.