Marketplace Info for Sellers

Table of Contents

1. Manage Marketplace Tariffs

2. Direct Marketplace Links

3. How to access the Buyers info

4. How to control the status of a Buyer

5. Accounting features

6. FAQs

1. Manage Marketplace Tariffs

1. Adding Marketplace Tariffs

To add a new Marketplace Tariff from an Existing Tariff, select the Add Tariff To Marketplace:


This will prompt you to search for a Tariff owned by your Organization:


Once selected, this will create the default Marketplace Margin Fee and prompt you to enter another Margin on top of the Marketplace Fee:

2. Deleting Marketplace Tariffs

Tariffs can be removed using the Marketplace Tariff Manager:

3. Editing Marketplace Tariffs Margins

To edit, simply select the Margin Amount of the Tariff you want to edit.


This will direct you to the Edit Margin Page and allow you to make any adjustments necessary

As per the Marketplace T&Cs, the lowest volume tariffs will be automatically removed from the marketplace each month. New tariffs will be allowed to stay listed for 45 days. 


2. Direct Marketplace Links

We can link specific prices to Marketplace Buyers. This would have to be requested for the Support Team to assist with this setup and to do that, the Buyer Org has to be an Active Marketplace Buyer for the Seller who is requesting the link. Also, the Tariff linked has to be an Active Marketplace Tariff available for other Buyers as well.

Margins would be available for adjustments by going to the Tariff Profile, selecting Tariff Tools, and then Tariff Links. This will allow you to view the link we created and adjust the Margin as necessary.

3. How to access the Buyers info

When you need to access the list of Marketplace Buyers within your organization, these are the steps you need to follow:

  • Please navigate from LSP > My organization > Broker Tools: 

  • After you access the Broker Tools drop-down list, select the option of Marketplace Seller Dashboard:

  • Click on Marketplace Buyers:

  • You can filter by the specific Marketplace Buyer you need the information from, or you can also filter by their Seller Controlled status:

  • If there are no criteria and you want to look for the full list, you can do so by hitting the search button, this will display all Marketplace Buyers.
  • After you select the desired Marketplace Buyer, you should be able to access their Profile and see all information and public documents:

4. How to control the status of a Buyer

From the Marketplace Buyer List, select the Buyers you want to edit the status for and click on Decline, On Hold, or Connect according to your needs:

5. Accounting Features

  • Buyer Accounting Profiles can be viewed in the Seller's dashboard by clicking on the wallet icon. From the modal, you can set different items such as the Credit Limit, Credit Status, Payment Terms, etc.

  • Buyer Statements are visible within the Marketplace Seller Dashboard. This can be sent via email or downloaded to PDF. To access the statement, click on the statement icon. This opens the document and will allow you to print, download, or send via Email.  
  • A Payment Gateway (, CardConnect, Global Payments) can be added by clicking on the Payment Methods icon. This gives the Seller the ability to instantly collect shipments that occur in the Marketplace. 
  • On the Collections Summary page, the Seller can identify a Marketplace Buyer indicated by the Marketplace icon. With the Invoice Due Date set, the terms are applied and tracked based on the value set in the Buyer Accounting Profile. 

6. FAQs

Q: What documents do we need to activate a Buyer Profile in the Marketplace?

A: We need customers to fill out the Buyer's Profile and Credit Application that will be sent out through HelloSign. We'll also request a copy of the FMCSA Surety Bond of the Organization and their MC Number.

Q: Why would a Seller reach out to a Buyer asking for additional documents/signatures?

A: Some Sellers put in place these Co-Broker Agreements to be totally transparent about the relationship with Buyers. They're reaching out to the Buyer directly since before we activate a new Buyer in the Marketplace, we send an email to all Sellers so they are aware of the changes and can customize their settings. This is a normal, transparent process in Co-Brokering, Sellers would treat any Buyer the same way as they would treat their own customers, so there's nothing to be worried about, Buyers can share their information with Sellers as needed.

Q: What does Tai do when a Buyer is not paying a Seller for the loads they moved using the Seller's rates?

A: As per the Terms & Conditions, we are not a party to the transaction, meaning that Tai Software does not have any financial responsibility. We provide connectivity between Buyers and Sellers (this is why we request the Buyer's Profile and Credit App), however, any agreements that a Seller wants to issue, such as a Co-Brokering agreement, credit check, etc., is up to the Seller and will help avoid issues with Buyers. 

As a Seller in the Marketplace, you have full control over who has access to your rates and who is able to run shipments with you, however, we are happy to facilitate communication between both Brokers if needed.

Q: Can we add a new Seller to the Marketplace?

A: As of June 2021 we will NOT be adding any more Sellers to the Marketplace.  

  • Sellers must be established TMS customers (3+ years) and demonstrate significant usage.
  • Sellers must demonstrate that their rates are competitive for the Marketplace. We will run a bulk rate to see how many shipments would they win in 30 days and the results should show more than 5%.

Q: Can a Seller add new tariffs to the Marketplace?

A: Adding tariffs to the marketplace is allowed for existing Sellers, however, the following rules apply:

  • All new tariffs added are subject to monthly subscription fees. Please note that direct Marketplace links for a tariff to connect a Buyer and a Seller are not subject to the monthly fee.
  • We allow up to 75 tariffs in total in the Marketplace.
  • As per the rules, the lowest volume tariffs will be automatically removed from the marketplace every month without notification to the Broker.

Q: Where can Sellers find the Buyers' contact details and information?

A: The Marketplace Seller Dashboard allows the Seller to see what tariffs they have available in the Marketplace and how much margin they have added to it. It will also show the list of Buyers that can be approved, declined, or put on hold at any time. They can also click on the profile icon to view the Buyer's contact information, view the Accounting Profile, or get the Statement.