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LTL Dashboard

This article will show you how to utilize and review the LTL Dashboard

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • This Dashboard gives a high level view of your LTL Shipments.  This is based on the Created Date and will reflect shipments created within the last 90 days, 
  • Clicking any of the items in the LTL Shipment Dashboard will bring you to the respective screens in the system that will show you the 'drilled down' details
  • Statuses include, but are not limited to:
    • Favorite Shipments: this shows you how many shipments you Favorited, and clicking this hyperlink will bring you to your Favorited shipments in the shipment search screen
    • Recent Quote Requests: displays recent quotes generated by the user
    • Order Received: a 'holding status;' ahead of Recent Quote Requests, but not yet ready to dispatch
    • Ready to Dispatch: ready to book order with carrier; this is the status that triggers the pickup automation to the carrier
    • Order Sent to Carrier: this status will automatically be set moments after changing a shipment status to Ready to Dispatch; shipments typically are in this status for an hour at the most, until the carrier acknowledges the pickup request
    • Dispatched for Pickup: status will automatically be set once a carrier acknowledges a pickup request and sends a pickup update
    • In Transit to Destination: status will automatically be set once a carrier provides us a 214 In Transit update
    • Out for Delivery: status is automatically set when carrier sends a delivery update.
    • Recently Delivered: shows all shipments with the status of delivered
  • The numbers next to these various statuses will show you how many shipments fall into that status
    • Red Numbers next to these statuses will show you shipments that need your attention