Load Board Posting

This article will cover the following topics, and show you how to post to load boards directly from the system:

  • Navigation to Load Board
  • How to Post
  • Best cases



Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • To begin posting to load boards, you can either go to Shipments > Truckload Volume Quoting or Shipment Tools > Truckload Volume Quoting from a shipment's profile
  • From the Load Board section of the Truckload Volume Quoting Page (bottom right) you can view all of your available load board integrations, which require individual setups with the help of IT, and choose which load board integration you would like to utilize for this shipment
  • After choosing which load board you would like to post to, you have the option to set the flag to 'Include Trailer Size' in your load board post, as well as determine how often you want this posting to be re-posted to the load board to ensure it stays at the top of their lists; you will also have the option to set the 'Offer Rate' and add any additional 'Comments' to the carrier. 
  • As soon as you post to the load board from the system the postings will be visible on each load boards respective sites; you can utilize the 'Green Recycle' Icon in order to send the post to the load boards for the first submission--the 'Trash Can' icon can be used to delete your posting
  • There is a loadboard queue where we post the loads. Keep in mind that this takes a bit to get over to the loadboard and is not immediate, as well as the response, it might take some time for you to get a quote.
  • Carriers will begin to contact you once you post to the load board to set up the haul

Posting Rules

No Times are sent to either DAT or Truckstop (Only Dates). For the Pickup Date that we send, we use the below rules:

  • If the pickup date is BEFORE today, we should send today's date
  • If the pickup date is today and the CURRENT Time is Greater than 7 PM PST we send Tomorrows Date
  • If the pickup date is today and the CURRENT Time is Less than 7 PM PST we send Todays Date
  • If the pickup date is GREATER than today, we use the pickup date since it is in the future for Delivery Date
  • We Do not send a delivery date to DAT
  • We send a Dummy Date of 1/1/01 to Truckstop, which is the same as No Delivery Date

Truckload Search Bulk Operations / Load Posting

Post multiple shipments to any available loadboard using the Load Posting button in Bulk Operations in Truckload Search. Since this is a bulk operation, only posting is supported. If an offer rate is entered, it is applied to all posted shipments.
You can access this option by going to the shipment tab and clicking on Truckload search; once you select a shipment, the Bulk operation option will activate, and you will be able to choose Load Posting.