Invoice Delivery


This article will show you how to utilize the Invoice Delivery Screen:

Quick Reference Video Summary

  • This screen will display all the invoices that are available to be sent to your customers
    • Invoices can be emailed or downloaded directly from this screen; if downloaded, the system will download the invoice as a PDF to your computer to be sent to your customers from your own email outside of the system
  • POD and BOL Required Columns will show you whether the documents are required and were not attached; if they are required and not attached the red alert icon will be displayed, and if it is required and attached you will see a black check mark
  • The most widely used delivery methods are Email and Print, so it is best to use these when searching/filtering your results
  • The system will group multiple invoices of a similar customer into a single PDF; the email sent from the system will also include the associated BOL and PODs (if required) as a link in the body of the email--once this link is clicked it will open the document as a PDF in the user's browser
  • You can send additional documents with the Invoice, if required, by using the Send Documents Icon to access the Send Documents modal; this modal will allow you to enter whatever To email address you want along with your own custom body, CC list, and the option to select whatever additional documents you would like to attach alongside the invoice
  • Sending an invoice or downloading it from this screen will remove it from this screen where it will then be able to show up on the invoice search screen