Introduction to Shipment Importer

This article will introduce you to the shipment importer tool:

Quick Reference Video Summary:

  • In order to access this importer tool, it is first required to have IT turn it on for you
  • Once enabled, it can be found under Shipments > Shipment Importer (under Bulk / Admin section)
  • This importer will allow you to import a bulk set of shipments so that you don't have to enter shipments 1 by 1
    • Download the template in order to know how to build the import, and use it to import your shipments into the TMS
  • The importer will let you import shipments for a specific carrier and allow you to set the buy and sell, or you can omit the carrier and pricing details and let the system run the smart quote feature to populate the shipments with the least cost carrier for you
  • The importer does not support imports of shipments with multiple commodity lines.