How to Check Organization ID for LSP/Customer Organizations

Whenever it is needed to check what organization ID for either LSP organizations or Customers there is a simple process in order to find out this information.

For LSP Organizations:

For the Principal account or Original organization you just select LSP -> My organization:

That way you will be able to see the OrgID listed next to the Title in the details.

If you need to check the Organization ID for any sub-organizations under the main account you will need to Select LSP > Organizations

You will be able to list and view, all the sub-organizations and their Organization IDs listed.

You can also check Organization IDs for Customer companies created under your account, by just going into Customers > companies:

You will be able to see listed all customer companies created under your account and their Org IDs on the left column.

That is the normal process to double-check the Organization ID for either Customer companies, or LSP Org/Sub Orgs.