Holland Regional Integration

In this article, you will find the steps to set up Holland's integration.

Holland Regional Authentication Requirements

  • Holland Account ID
  • Holland Access Key
  • Password 
  • Account Number


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Navigate to https://my.hollandregional.com/WebServices/Index
  2. Click 'Next', located beside "Steps to set up web services".
  3. In order to expedite the registration process, please have 2 PRO numbers handy, and click on 'Register now'.
  4. Fill out the required account information, and if you have 2 PRO numbers available, fill them in as well. Once all fields are complete, click 'Register'.
  5. After registering, complete Step 2 to obtain the access key. Enter in your username and password, and click 'Submit'. Copy the Access Key, and upload in the integration.

    Note: Do NOT upload the Encoded Key as this will cause the integration to fail.

Once you have the Access Key, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to LSP 
  2. Click on Integration Source > Select 'Add New Integration Source' 

    Source Description: Add Holland Motos + Your organization's name (Ex. Holland Motors - TAI Software).
    Source Group: Select Rating from the drop-down menu.
    Source Type: Select Holland Motos Express from the drop-down menu.
    Owner Org: Type in your organization's name (This will be filled out automatically).
    User Name: Add your Holland's user name.
    Password: Add your Holland's password.
    License Key: Add the access key you have obtained from the steps above.
    Account Number: Add your Holland's account number.
  3. Click on Save & View Details. 
  4. Click on Edit source.
  5. Under Source Settings add the following information: 
    NAME             VALUE 

    direction          3rdParty
    chargeType     Prepaid
    ShowVolume   True

6. Click on Save & View Details.