FreightWaves SONAR


FreightWaves has partnered with Tai to bring SONAR to you! If you are an existing SONAR customer with a SONAR API subscription to our Capacity and/or FW TRAC data, simply use your existing API credentials/ token to start accessing the data. To gain access to SONAR data or learn more about FreightWaves TRAC or our capacity datasets, please fill out this form and our team will be in touch.
FreightWaves’ Capacity Lane Scores provide users unique insight into the current capacity trends on a given lane. Measuring capacity is a key element to maximizing margins/transactions for a broker, utilization for a carrier, and minimizing service and budgetary failures for shippers. The capacity lane score is a measure of the origin and destination market capacities and shows you how capacity is tightening or loosening by combining tender rejection rates and the market balance of inbound and outbound loads. Users will be able to see which lanes have the most significant tightening or loosening conditions, leading to lower costs and improved profitability.
The capacity lane score ranges from 0-100. A high score indicates that capacity is tight, and a low score indicates that capacity is loose. Increasing lane scores indicate tightening capacity with upward pressure on spot rates, and decreasing lane scores indicate loosening capacity with downward pressure on spot rates.
The spot rates are generated from FreightWaves TRAC which collects data daily from a consortium of key market-driving companies adhering to a standardized protocol. FreightWaves TRAC Spot Rate methodology uses data from when the load is covered to provide better insight into freight pricing and negotiating. The rates displayed represent the low (33rd percentile), median, and high (67th percentile) rates for a given lane and update daily.To gain access to SONAR data or learn more about FreightWaves TRAC or our capacity datasets, please fill out this form and our team will be in touch.
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